Aaron Puller

Speech Pathologist
Lives on Gubbi Gubbi land (he/him)
Languages spoken: German (intermediate), French (proficient)

Aaron works with school-aged children, adolescents, and adults. Aaron helps individuals and families with communication; speaking, reading, writing, understanding, in activities and environments that matter most to them. Preparing for an interview, making new friends, asking questions at school, filling out forms, understanding complex medical information – all these activities involve communication and Aaron is here to help you. Aaron also helps adults with swallowing and mealtime management difficulties. He has worked extensively with NDIS participants both online and face-to-face to help them achieve their communication goals, and is a passionate advocate for the power of telehealth to reduce barriers to speech therapy services.

Aaron’s focus is on meaningful and functional communication – what is most important to you and those you communicate with. Aaron works with a diverse group of clients. Aaron specialises in therapy for: Autistic adults and teenagers, adult acquired speech and language difficulties (aphasia, apraxia, dysarthria), difficulties using the voice, stuttering in children, teenagers, and adults, swallowing and mealtime management, literacy for curriculum access, and social skills.

Aaron has worked as a Speech Pathologist for 7 years. Aaron graduated in 2017 with a Master in Speech Pathology. He has done additional study in Health Economics that helps him see access and equity issues in healthcare from a broad perspective. Aaron has completed additional training in voice therapy (LSVT, SpeakOut), autism diagnosis (ADOS-certified), motor speech (PROMPT) and social skills group therapy for autistic teens (Social Thinking, Secret Agent Society, Cool Conversations). Aaron lives on the beautiful sunshine coast with his girlfriend and his (sometimes) dog. When not at work Aaron enjoys climbing rocks (both in and outdoors) and playing guitar.


  • Social Communication and Social/Emotional Development
  • Acquired adult communication difficulties
  • Speech and articulation
  • Swallowing and mealtime management
  • Literacy
  • Voice difficulties and stuttering