Chris Murdoch

Lives on Garigal land (he/him)

Chris has 15 years of electrical engineering and field force supervision and innovative traffic management technology development; Winner QANTAS Rolls Royce award for Technology Innovation1985 for an infrared camera system combined with early optical character recognition technology.

15 years as a senior strategy consultant; 5 years leading ANZ business strategy practice for PwC

14 years Private Equity Investor in emerging markets financial services in East Africa, India, Indonesia, China, and Philippines.

Director and then Chair of private equity vehicle (Dia Vikas Capital) based in Delhi building an investment portfolio of over 60 million USD in 15 investees. 3 years living and working in Hyderabad, India; functional Hindi speaker but a bit rusty now; Indian investment portfolio serving 5.5 million female clients and over 25 million family members with over 1 billion US dollars of loan portfolio

6 years as Global Chief Strategist and Asia Programs Director for Opportunity International pioneering investments in affordable private schools, community health and digital finance platforms.

A number of quixotic but interesting failures (Mission Hospitals in India, remittances in the Philippines)

Currently building an Australian domiciled social enterprise investment portfolio, and Principal of Pilgrim Advisors. Director of allied telehealth player Umbo

Passionate about putting tools and solutions in the hands of people so they can transform their lives and those of their families and communities.

And cycling, bushwalking with Wilma, backcountry skiing; Is friends with dopey springer spaniel called Neddy.