Claire Vandermeiren

Occupational Therapist (she/her)
Lives on Wardandi land

Claire is an Occupational Therapist working on Wardandi Land. Claire graduated from Curtin University (with Distinction) in 2018. Claire followed on working with veterans in their home in the community setting. She also travelled across Australia and worked in North Queensland with children to young adults where she grew a passion for working with kids with autism spectrum disorder. Claire has also crossed this along her own passion of surfing where she volunteers with a not-for profit organisation across WA taking kids on the spectrum surfing.

Claire believes in a holistic approach to care and creating client-centred goals in order to achieve better outcomes with increased motivation and purpose. She believes in creating a life with meaning and aims to assist her clients in being as independent as possible. Claire comes from a strengths based approach and aims to find ways to embed therapy throughout play and their daily routines. Claire has also spent time travelling the world teaching kids in remote areas of Indonesia.

Claire has a big passion for adolescent mental health and has also completed her yoga teacher training where she holds classes outdoors donating the profits to different mental health organisations each month. Claires experience across all age groups gives her confidence in creating meaningful and trusting relationships with her clients so that they can reach their full potential. She believes collaborating with parents is a key factor when working with children, recognising that they are the experts.

In her spare time, Claire loves to surf, draw, do yoga and spend time with friends on the beach. Claire lives in a small regional and remote area herself so she knows the impact and importance of creating a space for therapy to be accessible to all.

– Home modifications and equipment prescription
– Falls prevention
– Early childhood intervention
– Motor skills and Coordination (e.g. handwriting) and Executive Functioning skills (i.e. planning, organisation, time-management skills)
– Social/emotional development and sensory Processing