Client & Family Respectful Behaviour Policy


Umbo is a client focussed organisation, dedicated to ensuring that all clients are treated fairly and reasonably. Umbo is committed to balancing the rights of clients to make complaints, with the rights of Umbo staff to respect and safety, and the equitable allocation of time and resources to all clients.

Client Service Expectations

Umbo expects its team members will:

  • treat all clients with respect and courtesy;
  • take measures to maintain safety during all appointments.
  • act with integrity and honesty; and
  • respond to client enquiries as promptly and efficiently as possible.

In return Umbo expects its clients will treat all staff with respect and courtesy. Umbo will not accept:

  • threatening or aggressive behaviour by clients towards (including repeated instances of micro-aggression); or
  • behaviours that place unreasonable demands on Umbo resources
  • working with clients who are affected by alcohol or non-prescribed substances (excluding medications as prescribed) during scheduled appointments

Zero tolerance policy

Umbo has a zero-tolerance policy and does not tolerate any aggressive behaviour or aggressive and abusive comments including cursing or swearing, or commentary around race, gender or ethnicity towards any member of staff. 

All staff have the right not to be subjected to any behaviour/abuse that includes:

  • Threats of physical harm or violence
  • Inappropriate religious, cultural or racial insults
  • Homophobic, sexist or other derogatory remarks

Response to Disrespectful Communication

If our team is subjected to the above examples of communication, Umbo reserves the right to terminate services with the client. This could include:

  • Termination of an assessment or report
  • Termination of therapy sessions

No refunds for prior services will be rendered in this instance.