Constantina Stavril

Occupational Therapist
Lives on Wurundjeri land (she/her)

By blending her personal lived experience, caring nature and academically acquired Occupational Therapy knowledge and skills, for 25 years Ina has been able to provide significant health services in her community. She was born and raised in Romania in a multicultural family and community where she learned that regardless of one’s state of health, cultural background or stage of life, everyone has a right to a decent and meaningful life.

She started her career in OT in a secure, extended care unit for people with severe mental illnesses that could not be cared for in the community. There, Ina has gained even more and profound knowledge and skills directly from the people that lived in that Centre. Ina has also experienced other various roles in adult acute MH units, continuing care teams, eating disorders unit and community MH teams. She also worked in Headspace and also privately as an OT in her own private OT consultancy in the community where she lives.