Are you struggling to identify the needs of the children in your class? Having trouble finding them the services they need? 

Umbo is a social enterprise that was setup to give children access speech pathology and occupational therapy online - particularly those in rural communities.  

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What is Umbo?

18 months. That’s how long some families in Australia — particularly those in regional or rural areas — must wait to receive quality speech and occupational therapy. 

At Umbo, we aim to start children on our clinical intake process within 1 week of receiving a request for therapy.

Our trained therapists deliver highly effective speech and occupational therapy to anywhere in Australia online, via videolink.

Umbo is social enterprise and a registered NDIS provider. We also cater to private clients.


How does Umbo work?


Do you know a child who needs speech pathology or occupational therapy? Refer them to us and we’ll point you in the right direction.


We’ll discuss the child's therapy needs, and how we can best get them connected to speech or occupational therapy online.


Get connected to a speech pathologist or occupational therapist online. We aim to do it in under 1 week.


We work around the child's needs and schedules to deliver the best outcomes. This could involve our therapists delivering short sessions with parents, techers or being available outside of consultations via phone or text. 

Who can use Umbo?

Children and their families
Umbo helps children and families across Australia access vital therapy services online. We’ll quickly connect you with some of Australia’s best speech pathologists and occupational therapists who have experience with children. 
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Schools and preschools
Teachers are often the first people in a child’s life to notice they are struggling with speech, movement or life skills. Schools and preschools can use Umbo to refer a child and help them find the online therapy services they need.
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NDIS providers and support coordinators
Umbo can help find a reliable speech pathologist or occupational therapist for your client. Make a referral and we’ll connect you to the right clinician.
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We are a registered NDIS provider and we also cater for private clients

Meet some of our therapists


Alisa Lingham
Speech Pathologist

Alisa works with young kids and their families, in Early Childhood Intervention. Alisa helps families tune-in to how their child learns, and to find everyday opportunities for communication. By working in partnership, families help their child to talk, play, sing, read books, and tell stories. Alisa also works with families on goals related to mealtimes, and their child’s eating and drinking skills.


Jo Rowland
Speech Pathologist

Jo works with clients and families across the lifespan and enjoys working with various presenting difficulties and diagnoses.  Jo is a neuro-affirming therapist working towards identifying strengths in an individual and takes a functional approach to therapy. Jo believes in a multidisciplinary approach to support clients and works with schools and other important stakeholders to achieve client goals.


Wendy Wu
Occupational Therapist

Wendy graduated from the University of South Australia in 2016 and has been an Occupational therapist for over 6 years. She has experience in working with the aged and adult disability population in the community, residential and hospital settings. 


Maddy Smith
Occupational Therapist

Maddy is an occupational therapist who graduated from Charles Sturt University in 2018. Throughout her career, Maddy has worked within an Early Intervention setting, and community NDIS role supporting an early childhood, paediatric and adult caseload to achieve their goals. Maddy loves working with her clients and their family or key stakeholders to work towards their goals.

The Umbo Difference

Umbo champions person-centred therapy. It means the person receiving therapy leads the conversation. We believe that the most effective therapy occurs when support is given in the environment where the person lives, learns, works or plays. Therefore we work with the family, and teach skills to you or to other supporters. This means you’re achieving real-life goals, rather than just achieving goals in a clinic. 

At Umbo online therapy is not just zoom plus business-as-usual. It’s much more diverse than simply videoconferencing. Umbo therapists provide an individualised approach to each person, using the latest evidence, and a variety of technologies and engagement techniques.


What can occupational therapy help with?

Occupational therapy can help people with activities that they do in their everyday life. This includes helping people who have difficulty with:

  • Getting dressed, washing and going to the toilet
  • Concentrating on a task
  • Moving their body how they want to
  • Using hands, including writing, drawing and cutting
  • Mobilising and travelling safely
  • Planning and carrying out chores or jobs
  • Understanding how to count money and create a budget
  • Understanding how to deal with different sights/sounds/textures
  • Managing emotions in appropriate ways

What can speech pathology help with?

Speech pathology can help with any kind of communication or swallowing issue. This includes helping:

  • People who stutter
  • People who have trouble saying or understanding words
  • People with intellectual disabilities or mental illness who have trouble communicating clearly
  • People who use means other than spoken language to communicate
  • People with social language delays/disorders including literacy skills, making friends, exam vocabulary and communication within the community
  • People with eating disorders or who have difficulty chewing
  • Babies who have difficulty feeding, including suspected tongue ties
  • Children having difficulty transitioning to solid foods, “fussy’ eaters

Unsure what a child need?

No problem, just send us an inquiry explaining the difficulties the child is having and we can let you know whether a speech pathologist, occupational therapist or other kind of professional would be most appropriate. It’s better to ask and get a clear answer!

“Umbo assessed children at our pre-school in a matter of weeks. These children could have faced up to 12 months on waiting lists, but with Umbo, they will receive help much quicker.”

Cathryn Albert, Director, Dubbo West Preschool

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