Ebony Norton

Occupational Therapist
Lives on Ngadjuri land (she/her)

Ebony has lived across rural and remote South Australia for over two decades, and as a youth completed most of her schooling through distance education, including School of The Air. Through these experiences Ebony quickly learned to appreciate how the power of adaptive service delivery can assist and promote successful outcomes. She understands the challenge of accessing health services for many in rural or remote Australia, and in turn is passionate about providing accessible and adaptable therapy to all.

Ebony completed a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy with Honors in 2019 at Deakin University. She has experience providing Occupational Therapy to adults and adolescents navigating life transitions. Having worked with clients on goals related to promoting independent living skills, navigating high school transition, building employment skills and promotion of independence and self-care skills. In addition, Ebony has previously worked in both care and disability support roles and understands the lived experiences of many are unique. Lastly, Ebony is focused on utilsing person centered practice, and empowering individuals to engage in personally meaningful activities and live fulfilling lives.