Emelia Portellos

Occupational Therapist
Lives on Kaurna Country (she/her and they/them)

Emelia completed their Occupational Therapy degree at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, and for the past two years has been working in OT roles within public mental health services. She has worked with both adolescents and adults who were commonly in transition periods of their lives. Emelia’s practice centres around recovery principles, promoting choice and independence, supporting engagement in meaningful activities, facilitating community participation, promoting social capacity building, sexuality and identity in these spaces, and integrating creative therapy outlets.

Emelia has extensive experience working as a disability and mental health support worker and has worked alongside a range of different individuals and families with unique needs and experiences. She has both professional and personal lived experiences relating to mental health conditions and neurodivergence which means she not only empathises with but is aware first hand of the needs, and challenges individuals and families might face.

In addition, Amelia has been involved in research related to Occupational Therapy, sexuality and identity for marginalised populations and sees this as an important and underrepresented area of health. Outside of working roles Amelia spends their time making visual art, writing, building/restoring (furniture and other items), swimming, hiking, making mixtapes, gardening and cooking (fresh from the garden).