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At Umbo we provide a free online training course for occupational therapists who want to learn the latest evidence-based practices for delivering therapy online.

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What is Umbo?

18 months. That’s how long some families in Australia — particularly those in regional or rural areas — must wait to receive quality speech and occupational therapy. 

At Umbo, we want to reduce that time to as little as 1 week — by connecting families with quality speech pathologists and occupational therapists online.

Our trained therapists deliver highly effective speech and occupational therapy to anywhere in Australia via an online videolink. If you want to become an Umbo therapist you can apply here.

As part of our mission we want as many speech pathologists and occupational therapists as possible to learn how to deliver therapy online. That's why we are offering this free course.

Why should occupational therapists learn how to do online therapy?

Online therapy is not just zoom plus business-as-usual. It’s much more diverse than simply videoconferencing.

To get the best clinical outcomes, it’s crucial to be confident and proficient in providing an individualised approach to each person, using the latest evidence, and a variety of technologies and engagement techniques. Umbo’s online therapy training will show you exactly that.

A growing body of evidence shows that online delivery of therapy can be as effective as face to face - but it's important to do it well.


Course Modules

Module 1: What is Online Therapy?
  • Introduction to Online Therapy
  • Types of Online Therapy
  • Online Therapy Facts & Myths
  • The Use of a Keyworker
  • Online Therapy Examples
Module 2: Equipment and Setup
  • Online Therapy Toolbox
  • Toolbox Setup
  • Online Therapy Tip
  • Online Therapy Example
Module 3: Modalities
  • When to Use Your Tools
  • Is Online Therapy Right for My Client?
  • Online Therapy Example
Module 4: The Team
  • Building the Team
  • Online Therapy Tip
  • Online Therapy Example

Module 5: Cultural Considerations
  • Cultural Safety
  • Features of Communication
Module 6: Coaching
  • What is Coaching?
  • Why Coaching is Important
  • How to be a Good Coach
  • Online Therapy Examples
Module 7: Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Data Security
  • Choosing a Secure Platform

Module 8: FAQs and Misconceptions
  • FAQs and Misconceptions of Online Therapy
Module 9: Online Therapy Readiness
  • Review Quiz
  • Online Therapy Readiness Checklist

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Claim up to 3hrs CPD with this course

Overall, the 10-module course adds up to a quarter of your yearly CPD hours.

““fantastic in helping us identify areas where we could improve and gave us practical solutions to the difficulties we were having.””


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