How We Work


Umbo is committed to the recruitment and retention of clinicians who provide high quality services to our clients and contribute positively to the ongoing development of the organisation. Umbo appreciates that in order to do this, we need to provide clear guidelines that carry the vision and values of the organisation into every session that a clinician delivers. The practice principles have been developed to achieve this goal and to provide a level of standardisation for clinical service delivery, whilst also providing flexibility for clinicians with how they implement these principles. 

Umbo Values

The practice principles stem from the Umbo values which are:

Inclusion – Authenticity – Respect – Creativity – Open mindedness

Practice Principles

Umbo’s clinical services always aim to be:

Evidence based: we conduct assessment and therapy using current and proven methods and approaches that are suitable for the client and their context 

Person-centred: we make the relationship with our client the central focus and join them on their journey. We develop goals with our clients based on their identified needs and work together to achieve these goals

Engaging: we create engaging sessions and materials that our clients enjoy and that incorporate their interests and motivations

Meaningful: we work with clients in a way that is meaningful for their everyday life and is focused on their access and participation, not just their impairment

Respectful: we listen to our clients and respect their requests and their aspirations. We engage authentically and with an open mind

Inclusive: we work with our clients in innovative and flexible ways that include important people in their life and considers their context, culture and capacity

Accountable: we seek feedback and talk to our clients to understand their changing needs and whether/how our service is meeting those needs. We constantly evaluate the effectiveness of our work