Jessica Smith

Speech Pathologist
Lives on Dharug land (she/her)

Jessica has 20 years experience working with children who have speech, language, fluency and feeding issues. She is passionate about developing and using Australian-specific therapy materials including culturally appropriate (where possible, including local language) materials for children who are Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders.

As a woman with a physical disability and a mum of three children (including twins) she has little free time, but in what time she has, she enjoys keeping bees, doing craft (sewing, crochet etc) and being in the bush.


Speech sounds delays/disorders, including stuttering

Receptive, expressive and social language delays/disorders including literacy skills, making friends, exam vocabulary and communication within the community.

Eating disorders, including babies who have difficulty feeding, suspected tongue ties, children having difficulty transitioning to solid foods, “fussy’ eaters, those who have difficulty chewing. She is also S.O.S trained.

Providing culturally-safe therapy