Kizzy Searle

Speech Pathologist

Kizzy is a passionate and dedicated speech therapist who joined the Umbo team in November 2020. Throughout her career, Kizzy has prioritised collaboration with clients and their supports to achieve holistic, meaningful, long term and functional outcomes. By forming genuine connections, Kizzy taps into the individual’s motivations to connect and gets to the core of the complex and unique communication challenges the individual faces. There are three principals at the core of Kizzy’s therapeutic work:

1) Communication therapy for the purpose of meaningful and enjoyable connection
a. Kizzy believes that all speech therapy goals and activities should aim to improve meaningful connection. In doing so, the people she works with can increase their quality of life and joy during day-to-day interactions.
2) Genuine collaboration
a. From day one, Kizzy works closely with the client and those who support the client to ensure therapy is achievable, motivating, meaningful and comfortable for the clients and their supports.
3) Safety and trust
a. Kizzy believes that therapy only truly begins when the client and/or their supports feels safe, believed, and supported with the clinician and in the therapeutic space. It is only when this happens that clients and carers feel they can voice their thoughts, share their hopes, and discuss their concerns regarding communication.
b. Therapy cannot be rushed, and communication challenges can be very challenging both emotionally and behaviourally for all involved.

Kizzy has worked in a diverse range of work environments. For example, Kizzy has:
Worked as a clinical educator supervising university students at their on-campus clinic
Provided group mother-child services in a small First Nations organisation
Provided trauma informed services with supervision and guidance from psychologists and psychoanalysts
Trained childhood educators in rural and disadvantaged communities
Worked extensively in the disability sector visiting homes, day centres, schools, and preschools

Kizzy is passionate about:
Creating plans, activities and resources that are tailored to the individual
Delivering the highest-quality service for each client and in each session
Coaching, training, and supervising others so they have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to actively participate in therapy and implement strategies
Working closely with other professionals to ensure the best possible outcomes
Working holistically – as such Kizzy is currently completing the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Course through the Sydney Institute for Psychoanalysis

Developmental trauma and mental distress
Infant and perinatal health and development
Expressive arts therapies
Alternative and augmentative communication
Collaborative, individually tailored and functional intervention approaches

Conversational Mandarin