Marilyn Swidler

Speech Pathologist

Marilyn is a Speech Pathologist, primary and speech and drama teacher with 24 years of experience in the assessment and remediation of children and adolescents with various speech and language concerns. As a Speech Pathologist specialising in speech sound disorders (lisps and pronunciation), understanding and using language (oral and written), literacy, comprehension and reading difficulties as well as developmental and learning delays she has previously worked in schools, various private practices and clinics as well as in the community..

Marilyn’s years of experience have taught Marilyn that each child is unique and therefore therapy approaches need to be tailored specifically to the needs of the child and the priorities of the family. Marilyn has a deep faith that every child can learn and excel with the right strategies and some confidence.

Marilyn is also a Speech and Drama teacher and has extensive experience in teaching the art of communication, elocution, good voice techniques and presentation skills. She can assist with speech writing and public speaking, accent reduction and preparation for the H.S.C. (English essays, major works).