Michelle B

Occupational Therapist
Lives on Wajuk land (she/her)

Michelle is an experienced Mental Health Occupational Therapist with 20 years of experience working in adult and older adult mental health services. She collaborates closely with individuals to recognise their strengths and needs, and together they establish goals and plans. Michelle tailors interventions based on these goals and plans, and over the last 2 years she has extended her practice to include working within the NDIS.

On a personal level, Michelle enjoys spending time in nature and has had the opportunity to go camping throughout Western Australia.  Michelle recognizes the importance of maintaining her own physical and mental health and has explored and utilised various modalities to support this, including yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, movement, and healthy eating.

Michelle has a particular interest in body-mind interventions that promote mental health and occupational functioning, such as relaxation techniques and tai chi.


  • OT Functional Capacity Assessment Reports
  • Sensory Assessments
  • Mood Management Skills (for anxiety, depression and stress)
  • Emotional Regulation Skills
  • Sensory Modulation Interventions