Michelle Baillie

Occupational Therapist
Lives on Wajuk land (she/her)

Hello from Wajuk Country! Michelle joined the Umbo team in August 2022 after many years working as a Mental Health Occupational Therapist in various adult and older adult mental health services in Perth, Western Australia.

She has primarily worked with adults with mental health diagnoses, however, she has found that some assessments and interventions she offers are also suitable for people with mild ASD. Assessments include OT functional assessment, NDIS assessment and reports and Sensory Profile. Interventions are based on goals and plans created with the client, and can include mood management skills (anxiety, depression, stress), emotional regulation skills, and sensory modulation interventions. Michelle’s professional interest is in body-mind interventions to promote mental health (eg relaxation techniques, tai chi).

On a personal note, Michelle enjoys spending time in nature, and has camped all throughout WA. She has had the privilege of spending time on country with a local Aboriginal elder, and has an interest and respect for all Indigenous cultures. In her journey to maintain her own physical and mental health, she has explored and used various modalities including yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, movement and healthy eating.