Mikaela Joffe

Allied Health Assistant
Lives on Gadigal land (she/her)

Mikaela is a South African qualified speech pathologist, currently working as an allied health assistant while she obtains the professional requirements needed to register with Speech Pathology Australia.

It was always Mikaela’s passion to help reduce challenges in peoples’ lives and so she chose a career path that would allow her to do exactly that. She views speech pathology as a way to make a real impact in peoples’ lives and is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals.

Mikaela has 5 years of experience working with children who have speech, language, fluency, early literacy and social skill difficulties and looks forward to helping many more children and families in need of these speech pathology services.

She is hard working, patient and committed to achieving the best outcomes for the children that she works with. She loves coming up with new, exciting and meaningful ways to engage them in learning, and finds that their smiles and laughter motivate her to get creative and to channel her inner child. Her gentle, down to earth nature and her fun, bubbly side that children bring out in her makes it easy for her to connect and to build trust with all ages.

Mikaela uses a team-centred and person-centred approach in her service delivery and through educating, enabling, empowering and listening to children, their families, teachers and other key workers, Mikaela believes that children can really thrive and reach their full potential.

Areas of Practice/Interest
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Childhood Apraxia of Speech
Speech and language delay
Early literacy development