Online Speech Pathology Services

Online speech pathologists work with people with communication difficulties and differences who would like support
with speaking, listening, understanding language, reading, writing, social engagement, stuttering and using voice. People who experience difficulties swallowing food and drinking safely can also be helped by an online speech pathologist. 

The speech pathologist usually does an assessment to determine individual strengths, challenges and needs of the person, and then develops a plan to support the client. For example, they might do regular therapy sessions with the client and/or they might train other people to implement strategies to support the client day to day.  

Who does Umbo provide services for?

At Umbo we are able to provide online speech pathology services for a wide range of people, including:

  • Children: with developmental delays, who are neurodivergent (e.g. autism, ADHD,  intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, developmental language disorder, dyslexia) with particular genetic diagnoses (e.g. Down Syndrome, Fragile X), brain injuries, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, hearing loss, speech sound disorder including for early childhood intervention.
  • Adults: who have had a stroke or brain injury, intellectual or learning disability, degenerative diseases (e.g. Parkinson’s, motor neurone disease), cerebral palsy, autism etc.

What can online speech pathology help with?

Online speech pathology can help with any kind of communication or swallowing issue. This includes helping:

  • People who stutter
  • People who have trouble saying or understanding words
  • People with intellectual disabilities or mental illness who have trouble communicating clearly
  • People who use means other than spoken language to communicate
  • People with social language delays/disorders including literacy skills, making friends, exam vocabulary and communication within the community
  • People with eating disorders or who have difficulty chewing
  • Babies who have difficulty feeding, including suspected tongue ties
  • Children having difficulty transitioning to solid foods, “fussy’ eaters

Can you do assessments?

Yes, at Umbo we are able to provide many types of speech assessments online, including assessments for NDIS applications and plan reviews.

Is online speech pathology effective?

Yes! A growing body of evidence shows that online delivery of therapy can be as effective as face to face. Online therapy has many other benefits too, including being convenient and accessible for people in regional and rural areas.

How does online speech pathology work?

At Umbo online therapy is not just zoom plus business-as-usual. It’s much more diverse than simply videoconferencing. Umbo therapists provide an individualised approach to each person, using the latest evidence, and a variety of technologies and engagement techniques. 

We work around individual and family needs and schedules to deliver the best outcomes. This could involve our therapists delivering short sessions with the individual, their family, school or preschool, or being available outside of consultations via phone or text. 

Umbo champions person-centred therapy. It means the person receiving therapy leads the conversation. We believe that the most effective therapy occurs when support is given in the environment where the person lives, learns, works or plays. Therefore we work with the family, and teach skills to you or to other supporters. This means you’re achieving real-life goals, rather than just achieving goals in a clinic.

For more information see our article: What does an online speech therapy session look like?

Umbo therapist delivering therapy

An Umbo therapist doing an online session with a client

Child doing online therapy

Umbo therapists have lots of experience engaging children during online sessions

Online speech pathology and autism

A speech pathologist is a key person involved in supporting autistic children, adults and their families. Autism is a neurotype which includes different ways of thinking, interacting and responding to people and the world. Autistic children and adults can often benefit from support with social communication, emotional regulation and self-advocacy skills. Online therapy is an inclusive and gentle approach to therapy, where the person can be in the comfort and familiarity of their own home, which can be helpful for autistic individuals.

I’m still not sure if a speech pathologist is what I need...

No problem, just send us an inquiry explaining the difficulties that you/your child/your family member is having and we can let you know whether a speech pathologist or other kind of professional would be most appropriate. It’s better to ask and get a clear answer!