Piroska Bisits-Bullen

Lives on Gadigal land (she/her)

Piroska is passionate about using data and technology for scalable social impact. Piroska was an early employee at Mable, working as Chief Operating Officer during a period that saw a 100x increase in the number of clients booking on the platform. Following this she became Data Science Director where she was responsible for data analysis, technical infrastructure and machine learning. She has also been Umbo’s Head of Data, Tech and Growth for 2 years, before moving to the board in 2023.

Piroska has a PhD in Public Health. She has worked as a technical advisor for an HIV program in Cambodia funded by UN Women, and was Program Director for Inter Aide’s child health programs in Malawi. She is the co-founder of tools4dev, a website that provides open source resources for international development and aid professionals.