Tara Drinkwater

Occupational Therapist

Tara is a registered Occupational Therapist who has completed a Master in Occupational Therapy Practice. She has over 12 years experience working with children and families in a range of childhood settings and roles. She is a member of Occupational Therapy Australia and her professional background includes working with individuals across the life span with a focus on early childhood. She is a qualified children’s yoga instructor and mindfulness facilitator. Tara enjoys collaborating with families, educators and other professionals to best support each child’s strengths and foster development. Tara understands that each person is unique and that a positive life balance, within which a person can flourish, involves careful consideration of the individual, the environment and the task at hand. She always seeks to have a positive impact in each relationship that she builds and endeavors to foster independence and self-determination in order to enable individuals and families to achieve their goals.