Tyla Cousins

Occupational Therapist
Lives on Peramunk land (she/her)

Tyla is an Occupational Therapist with a passion for and experience in providing services to children and their family’s. Having worked in paediatrics since graduation, she has worked across a variety of areas including community health, aboriginal controlled health services, and hospitals.

Tyla is particularly passionate about supporting rural and remote families, as she grew up moving through out country South Australia and understands the challenges families in these areas face in access services.

She is experienced in supporting children from 0-18 years old, with a particular passion for supporting parents experiencing the challenges in preschool years, physical disability and rehabilitation in older children and teenagers, and all those who require support to reach their goals.

Tyla is experienced in both assessment and therapy and aims to provide a motivating and meaningful space to work together to achieve a child’s goal.

Outside of work, Tyla enjoys spending time at the beach as a surf life saver and is an avid AFL supporter.