What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise is a business that exists to solve a social problem using business approaches. Social value is created when a community benefits from the activity. 

Social enterprises are different to not-for-profits (NFP) or charities, as they sell goods and services for revenue rather than using donations and grants. However social enterprises exist together with NFPs in the social-purpose ecosystem trying to solve complex social problems. 

There are a range of different types of businesses like Umbo who work for a social good, however, to be classified a social enterprise, the business must do three things: 

  1. Have a defined primary social, cultural or environmental purpose consistent with a public of community benefit and
  2. Derive a substantial portion of their income from trade, and
  3. Invest efforts and resources into their purpose such that public/community benefit outweighs private benefit 

(Source: Social Traders, https://www.socialtraders.com.au/news/what-is-a-social-enterprise)

By delivering allied health services online, Umbo holds its social purpose at the core of its work – reducing inequality in access to health services to support communities to thrive. 

Umbo is classified as the type of social enterprise which reduces access barriers for communities needing a product or service due to market failure.

Additionally to increase our impact, Umbo is committed to re-investing 50% of it’s profit back into the business to achieve our social purpose.  By doing this we intend to increase our reach, support families in need and help communities thrive. 

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